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GUILLERMO ARROYO (Born in Avila, Spain, 1976) is the creator of Mi6 Photo project.

Insatiable reader of comics, literature, manga and a cinema buff, grew up in the 80’s, surrounded by all the imaginary of that time, all the computers and audio-visual technology which started to develop at that time, beta video cameras, spectrum, laserdisc, commodore, he had it all, together with a lot of music, either vinyl, cassette or CDs. All of which fed his mind and vision.


During many years he was interested in the image as a whole focusing his efforts in becoming a self-taught graphic designer. It was only a few years later when by accident his sister’s camera reached his hands and he started to experiment.

He has now been working as a graphic designer over 20yrs, and has carried out roles as Creative Director in various Advertisement Agencies. In 2006 he founds his own agency not only becoming the Creative Director but juggling the management role with the artistic production and creation of ads, giving him a great depth of knowledge of all aspects of the audio-visual arts.

In 2016, he creates Mi6Photo, a new project focused initially in “social photography” and which evolves to advertisement and artistic photography with the ability of creating mood productions with a cinematographic ambiance which showcase his passions and emotions

The photographic sessions seem spontaneous however they are the consequence of meticulous research and the mixing of cultural and subcultural references from all art forms, performers, art in action artists, actors, dancers , collaborating with artists from different disciplines such as Yaguar Visual, Lalu Lalaurie Fx, Nacho Arantegui & Trarutan, Migui Mandala, Gonzalo Catalinas, Yago De Mateo, Mantis London, 020Mag, Oscar Palacio Escultor, Animal Divergente, Asphyxsiada.art, No.e.l.ia.., they feed from each other coupling other inspirational sources such as; Lynch, Tarantino, Kubrick, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve,..

He is a technical master with great observation capacity. These key attributes allow him to share his vision. turning images to stories which talk for themselves with a strong, potent and raw finished aesthetic.

Mi6Photo is born out of the necessity to produce and give birth to new and different creations from what is already out there, breaking the norms, creating newness from a different perspective, utilising photography and video and applying them to editorial, musical, cinema, all kinds of ads,book covers, record labels and theatre amongst many others.

Currently he is developing another project, Fleshpanoptic, which is even more experimental and less commercial, emphasising a clear eye without hypocrisy, using new techniques and without taboos pushing boundaries.